Are You Guys Excited About All Of The Renovations That Trump Did In The White House? (Watch)

Аѕ WH Rеnоvаtiоnѕ Rеlеаѕеd, Еvеryоnе Immеdiаtеly Ѕаw Whаt Trump Put In Еvеry Rооm Tо Еnrаgе Оbаmа ? – What Do You Think ?

The first family has finally come back from their 17 day trip at the Trump Golf Club in New Jersey. Liberals attacked him for spending so much time on a vacation paid for by taxpayers. First of all, did they forget how much the Obamas spent on the exact same thing? The two are not even comparable. And secondly, President Trump was clear that he was working the whole time.

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While they were in New Jersey, the White House was getting massive renovations everywhere. They were long overdue. And for the liberals that are complaining about the money that was spent for these changes. This was okay-ed by the Obama administration 3 years in advance.

Obama did not care about the White House or the history that happened there. That is why the White House was in such bad shape after he left. Trump has been clear that he does nothing half-heartedly and made sure that the White House would be great again.

Some of the things were completely normal repairs. “Chilled air is now circulating through the West Wing via a new HVAC system,” CBS reported. “New wallpaper — chosen by the president himself — is up in the Oval Office. Visitors to the White House can now see the Rose Garden better at night. And top Trump aides are working out of offices with fresh carpeting and a new coat of paint.”

But President Trump added a few more things just on his own. He wanted to show off his patriotic side by lining the White House with golden eagles. This is something that will undoubtedly anger Obama big time. He is not one for patriotism, as we saw for the past 8 years.

President Trump wanted to bring the White House back to its former glory and that is exactly what he did with these renovations. Most of the things were handpicked by him personally. We are lucky to have someone like him in the White House. After 8 years of Obama, this is very refreshing to see.

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