Michelle Obama’s Announces First Book, You Won’t Believe What The Title Is

Michelle Obama is going to have a new book for the liberals to buy in droves with their blind hero worship, sure to out perform Hillary’s book.

They will follow the Obama’s all the way down the rabbit hole if that was the option, or more correctly like lemmings off the cliff, such is their devotion.

New reports indicate the book will be a collection of White House pictures of Michelle Obama and that liberals everywhere can buy it Oct. 17.

The book will be published by Ten Speed Press and has one hilarious title: “Chasing Light.”

Dear God, their arrogance has only grown since they left office.

The book will feature 150 color shots of the First Lady and personal commentary by one of the White House photographer’s Amanda Lucidon.

“Mrs. Obama is a source of light and inspiration in my life,” Lucidon said in a statement issued through Ten Speed Press. “She was a mentor to me and so many people around the world. The work she has done with young people, especially girls and underserved youth, has helped me realize that I want to spend my life helping others reach their fullest potential.”

“Chasing Light” will have some competition from none other than one Barack Obama. Whose “Obama: An Intimate Portrait,” a book of Barack Obama pictures by White House photographer Pete Souza will come out shortly after Michelle’s book.

Two books of pictures at the same time? The arrogance grows, astoundingly, as these two leave office.

Souza has built a huge social media following by trolling President Trump incessantly by posting shots of Obama when team Trump makes a misstep. There have been a few, as any administration goes through, and Souza has been unfair and is probably being directed by Obama so the guy can keep his hands clean.

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